Distrusting the certainties of rationality through the doubts of emotions.
Adopting a challenging, innovative POP language that goes beyond any category, the subject and the standard of the architectural project, to translate it into ideas of a deep utopian power and great visionary impact. 50 years after the first furore of the POP avant-garde, what does it mean to keep adhering to its spirit in one’s professional practice?

This is explained in this issue of Percorsi, which is all about him, by Gianni Arnaudo, one of the stars of the movement, who carried the culture of architecture and design over and beyond the modernity of the Modern Movement.
A professional career laden with works, where desecration and irony, creativity and coup de génie, hint at a reinvention of rationality, which shapes sophisticated productive units, in which poetry and logistics are handled uncompromisingly, or inhabited places and rooms where the spatial dimension turns into an emotional experience.
In his works, the techniques and materials he uses never stand up as an ideological manifesto. Arnaudo likes the message better than the way to communicate it, but the way he uses the téchne is proof of his expertise, skills and appropriateness. This is dictated by his role as professor of technology at Turin’s Politecnico and the experience that makes him state that: “One cannot do without research, even in partnership with the Italian industry, which invests lots of resources in that”.

A domain in which Casalgrande Padana, whose ceramics largely feature in Gianni Arnaudo’s works, has always taken centre stage by combining the culture of design and culture of production at the highest levels.
But this issue of Percorsi is also about the Grand Prix award, now in its tenth year and by now in its most decisive stage, with the entrants proving to be really very keen and busy; the new products, with the latestgeneration stoneware ranges Marmoker and Steeltech, displayed at the latest Cersaie; and the bioactive ceramics discussed at a recent meeting, promoted and organised by TOTO for the international HYDROTEC® ceramic-manufacturing partners who showed to be willing to go on with their efforts to spread the use and knowledge of the HYDROTECT® technology even further.