"Percorsi in ceramica" 5+1AA Introducing Studio 5+1AA’s work through some of its projects, in partnership with Casalgrande Padana, using ceramics designed by the same people.

Casalgrande Padana’s career is interspersed with major professional experiences and partnerships with leading design studios, as we have often told on the pages of “Percorsi in ceramica”.
In this issue of the magazine, we introduce Agenzia 5+1AA – headed by Alfonso Femia, Gianluca Peluffo and Simonetta Cenci – with which Casalgrande Padana has shared some important projects.

Founded in 2002, in less than 20 years in the business, 5+1AA has developed hundreds of projects, over 40 of which in Italy and abroad, standing out for being meaningful architectures, that are never repetitive or insensitive to their surroundings, capable of claiming the role of public accountability every building is invested with. A vision, theirs, that is built on their ability to listen to and read the surroundings. “We cannot but firmly believe in dialogue as a design tool and in design as a tool for dialogue”, Femia states in the interview that goes with the projects in “Percorsi in ceramica”. An approach that embodies the will of people who would rather plunge into reality and go into the depths of a problem than drop solution from above.
An attitude that does not change even when the proportions change, and not even when the problems get increasingly complicated, for example in the technology, which 5+1AA can very competently deal with.

Their projects, published in this issue of “Percorsi in ceramica”, speak of this, and much more. Architectures that, like many others at the executive stage, are doubly tied to the work and research partnership they have set up with Casalgrande Padana a few years ago. A technological and conceptual challenge that aims at developing a new generation of stoneware ceramics, which use a three-dimensional effect to reflect light and produce intricate, dynamic surfaces. One further, major step taken by the company along the route that has always seen it committed, along with the international architects’ community, to successfully combining the culture of design with the culture of business.

The second part of the magazine is focussed on production, with the three new ranges presented at the latest Cersaie: the Cemento and Tavolato range in the Granitoker Line and the Spazio range in the Pietre Native Line. Three latest-generation ceramic projects developed for the world of architecture and design, born of the intensive research and experimentation that is Casalgrande Padana’s distinctive way of working.