international architecture contest
eleventh edition

Subject of the competition The Grand Prix Casalgrande Padana is an international architecture competition that selects and awards those professionals who, through their work, have best known how to use and exploit the technical features and expressive possibilities of the Casalgrande Padana materials.

All designers (architects, engineers, designers, interior decorators, private or public technical studios, professional architecture and interior decorating firms, etc) who have carried out works in which Casalgrande Padana materials have been used for floorings and/or wall coverings of any type, can compete for the prizes. Applications can be made by single professionals or by groups with the appointment of a group leader.

- Each participant can submit one or more works; it’s their task and responsibility to obtain the consent of the purchaser and/or owner for the submission and use of the work and its relative materials.

- Projects completed using Casalgrande Padana materials in any public or private building field, in interiors or exteriors, either in new constructions or in renovation and restoration work on an existing construction, can be submitted.

- Works carried out in the period January 2013-December 2018 can take part in the eleventh edition of the competition.

- Registration in the Grand Prix Casalgrande Padana is free.

- The necessary documentation for registration is composed of:
a. the participation sheet (attached or to be requested) duly filled out in all parts;
b. a report on the project describing the work in general terms;
c. photographic documentation of the project (general view and details): at least 5 photos and maximum 30 photos in digital format (jpg high definition 300 dpi, minimum size 21x29,7 cm, on cd or dvd). Please, declare the copywright on photographs, if existing;
d. drawings, graphic charts or any other documentation (on digital media) useful for evaluating the overall quality (not only in architectural terms but also in functional terms) of the project submitted.

- Candidates must submit their application by registering online at or sending all documents by post to: Segreteria del Grand Prix c/o Casalgrande Padana - Strada Statale 467, n. 73 42013 Casalgrande (RE).

- The latest deadline for registration is 31st December 2018; if sent by post, the date of the postmark shall be deemed to be the date of delivery.

- If sent by post, all documents and photographic materials must be properly protected. Failing this, the organisers are not responsible for any damages. Unless otherwise informed, the material is considered as being received in perfect state.

- Materials submitted shall not be returned.

- Upon registration, the candidates authorise the organisers to use the photographic documentation for promotional purposes and in the ways held to be most suitable, together with necessary reference indications.

- Participants accept that the organisers of the competition cannot be the subject of any claims made as a result of such uses. In any case, the organisers are exonerated from any liability towards third parties.

- Participants can use any award or recognition received, for promotional purpose, provided that the prize or recognition is correctly cited.

- The awarding of works is assigned to an international Jury, composed of professionals of established international fame in the architecture and design field, and by the president of Casalgrande Padana, who acts as chairman of the jury. Each member assigns a score to each work according to their impartial and unquestionable judgement.

- The evaluation criteria used for drawing up a classification include the planning, functional and application aspects concerning the use of Casalgrande Padana products. In detail, it will be the task of the jury to highlight the ways, within each of the projects, in which the ceramic material has been turned to account and correctly used at various different levels, i.e. in relation to creative flair, the architectural composition, design, use of colour and finishes, through to the installation pattern and how the project has been customized; regarding the functional aspect and the technical performance, the use for which the project has been planned and the type of intervention; whether the materials have been applied correctly, the application technique used and the care given to detail.

- For the purpose of guaranteeing impartiality, should a member have a direct interest in a specific work, he/she is bound to declare this interest and to abstain from evaluation. Their score is replaced by an arithmetic average of the score assigned by the other members of the Jury.

- For the awarding of the prizes, the decisions of the jury shall be definitive and binding.

- Participation in the Grand Prix Casalgrande Padana automatically implies acceptance of these regulations. With regards to any matters not provided for, reference shall be made to the laws in force and to the commonly recognised principles in the national field. In the event of any disputes, the competent court shall be that of Reggio Emilia.

- The overall sum of prizes is 36,000 euro.

- The following shall be awarded:
4 prizes of 5,000 euro each to the First classified
4 prizes of 2,500 euro each to the Second classified
4 prizes of 1,500 euro each to the Third classified
for projects judged to be the most important in each of the following application fields (the sum will be divided among the winners if the prize is awarded for equal merit):
- Floorings and wall coverings
Shopping and office centres (large surface area)
- Floorings and wall coverings
Public and service industry buildings, industrial buildings, others
- Floorings and wall coverings
Edilizia residenziale
- Wall coverings and floorings
Facade coverings and external floorings and swimming pools

- Communication of winning entries will be given by Casalgrande Padana to the interested parties by means of a registered letter or by express courier service.

- The prizes will be assigned personally or to a person specifically appointed, during a gala ceremony to which all participants in the competition will be invited. The winners will be guests of Casalgrande Padana.

- Awarded and selected works will be published in a volume prepared by Casalgrande Padana; all participants in the competition will receive a free copy.