The 2013 edition of Creative Book by Casalgrande Padana is a supplement to the November issue n. 831 of CASABELLA.
Creative Book is an initiative promoted by Casalgrande Padana to stress its commitment to the issues of architecture, design and technological research, which is supported and developed through the cultural initiative called Grand Prix, an international architecture contest established in 1990 which today is considered one of the most authoritative events in the field of ceramic design.
The results of each edition of Grand Prix are illustrated in this publication, the six latest issues of which were developed in collaboration with CASABELLA.
The volume is basically conceived as a tool for professionals: its sophisticated graphic design provides a range of suggestions not only in terms of the expressive and applicative potential of porcelain stoneware, its structural features and aesthetic characteristics, but also of the architectural elements that may by enhanced through such applications, leading to high quality overall results, as shown by the works illustrated in the magazine.
In addition to the projects which obtained a prize, the volume includes a selection of the most significant works taking part in the contest, according to an overview expanding on the main types of interventions: shopping malls, public buildings and administration centres, industrial buildings, residential buildings, wall covers and external floors, swimming pools. Each project is illustrated through significant images and a technical file reporting details on the materials used, applications and environments. The winning works are also complemented by a short biography of their designers and few remarks on the expressive value of the ceramic cover contributing to the definition of the architectural and technological quality of the work.
Through concrete cases, Creative Book aims to stimulate new strains of research and experiments on the use of ceramics in architecture, by illustrating significant examples and reliable tools useful in the implementation of projects.
Printed in 70,000 copies, Creative Book, in addition to being distributed as a supplement to issue n. 831 of CASABELLA, may be directly requested from Casalgrande Padana.