The issue has been devised to go beyond the classic portrait of the company’s identity, giving a clear picture of one of the world’s leaders in the production of ceramics for architecture.

In more than 50 years of business, Casalgrande Padana has established itself not only thanks to its ability to develop innovative and ecological ways of producing casing, paving and cladding, but also through its sensitivity and the attention it always gives to planning, building sites and society.

The original nature of this method is articulated in the pages of the Company Profile, in which there are statements about the company’s identity, this is supplemented by facts and insight into the values, experience, skills, aims and objectives which guide Casalgrande Padana in their continuous search for excellence, prioritising the need to achieve growth which is based on the principles of sustainable development.

Illustrations of the company’s works and creations, which are gathered in this publication, are testament — through the quality and originality of these solutions — to the will and initiative of Casalgrande Padana in finding the right responses, going beyond the usual confines. Interpreting these guidelines, the company has been able to define new concepts and techniques, opening into areas of the market which have gone unexplored and developing innovative solutions in the area of raw materials and processing cycles. This approach means the company is deemed an ideal partner for thousands of designers and clients all over the world. This is thanks to the unique nature of its products, the experience gained through the production of architectural structures of all scales, types and uses. Last but not least, the company has shown the ability to offer expert consultancy and assistance in every phase of work, from choosing materials for the project to getting work underway and the testing phase.

This publication also talks about the way the cultures of production and planning have always been fundamental reference points for the company, shown through the commitment to support numerous proposals and prominent cultural initiatives linked to architecture, design and publishing. Among these, the now renowned Grand Prix — the international architecture competition, created in 1990 — which is now coming up to its tenth edition and was created by Casalgrande Padana. The competition selects and awards the most significant achievements which have made use of porcelain stoneware in its production.

The Casalgrande Padana company profile is an explicit invitation for readers to get to know this industrial sector. This is more than just a factory, it is crossroads bringing together creativity, research, and innovation, to bring your ideas to life.